Hello there.

I am a software engineer and entrepreneur. I have started two companies in my life which has shaped me in more ways that I can imagine. I enjoy using new technology and learning about new patterns. I mostly specialize in web technologies but also focus on ML, big data and real-time architecture. You can find some of my projects on Github.

I was born in Iran and moved to Seattle at a young age. I started programming in high school and studied computer science at the George Washington University in Washington DC. After graduating, I worked at AOL on aol.com which taught me a lot about scalability. I left to join Opower in Arlington, VA. Opower started my career in management. I left to start my own in Los Angeles and eventually moved to San Francisco where I joined Opower for their IPO in 2014. I led teams at Quid, Capital One labs in SF and data and infrastructure at UJET.

I currently live in the South Bay and work at Google building their internal CRM. I am a husband and father of one. I enjoy playing with my daughter, listening to music, reading books, cycling and weight training.